Wi-Fi and Network Access

Wi-Fi access is provided for all student and staff in Chu hai College. Service may need to register before it is available.
User can register Wi-Fi via:

Staff Click Here
Student Click Here

*Sudent email must complete the activation process before it can be accessible
*Student account can register not more than 3 devices.
*Staff can only register devices within college’s network

User Manual
Staff Download
Student Download

[Staff/Student]Q: How do I find the MAC address of my device?
A: Android device: Settings > About Phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address .
A: IOS device: Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address

[Staff/Student]Q: What is my Wi-Fi username and password?
A:The username and password should be your staff / student account.

[Student]Q: What if I forgot password?
A: You can go to Reset Password Page to reset your password by filling in student no. and alternative email (personal email). New password will be sent to your alternative email box.